eqemu bots hopping

eqemu bots hopping/stuttering in combat

Nine Years of Everquest Timeline


lava at zonein to lavastorm

Black Desert Online now $9.99 for a limited time

I’ll try it for $9.99, how about you?



No Man’s Sky – Pew pew pew!


Have you tried Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?

Full disclosure, I was not and remain no fan of the Final Fantasy single player, turn based style games but the MMO; Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is really starting to grow on me…  If you’re an old school EverQuest player and or World of Warcraft player and miss an actual story-line, I urge you to try FFXIV’s 14 day trial, I think you’ll like it or at very least appreciate the amount of work that’s gone into this game.

p.s. I’m on the Diabolos server if you want to look me up.


Final Fantasy XIV Gameplay

FINAL FANTASY XIV 150625 213718

How I Voted on Unlocking Kunark on the Ragefire Server


Vanguard Saga of Heroes 1080p

Vanguard Saga of Heroes 1080p, miss this game…..