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How I Voted on Unlocking Kunark on the Ragefire Server


New EverQuest TLP Server (Ragefire) Opens May 20th

The New EverQuest Time Locked Progression Server (Ragefire) Opens May 20 At 3PM PDT.  Be there or be square.


I will be live streaming on opening night, swing by my Twitch channel for some EQ fun.


The new Everquest progression server name is…

Ragefire! below from the official Everquest forums this afternoon:


While the vote is still live in-game, Ragefire is ahead by a SIGNIFICANT margin and that’ll be the name of our new time locked progression server.

Look for news coming up about the the beta for the Ragefire ,, and the results of the other polls regarding the progression server that we discussed originally here.

We’re grateful for everyone’s interest, support, and enthusiasm, and we look forward to seeing you on the Ragefire server.

Community Relations

While I voted for “Lockjaw”, Ragefire was my second choice and I’m glad the community picked it.

How I Voted on the Upcoming Everquest Progression Server

Power-gamers and casuals alike may flame but this is how I voted on the new EverQuest progression server rule-set. I missed the last progression server (Fippy?) and look forward to leveling up again, meeting some new friends and most importantly experiencing some of the content I missed out on when in quit in 2004. I’ll be there on launch day, how about you?EQ Progression Server Poll

Game Changer: Heroic Characters Come to Everquest

Gamer Changer: Heroic Characters Come to Everquest

On March 12th Everquest players will be able to create a free level 85 “Heroic” character (or convert an existing character) complete with a mount, auto-granted alternate advancement abilities, level appropriate gear, all rank 1 spells, journeyman tier 1 mercenary, large bags etc.

Or in other words, a pretty substantial head start into a game, that at one time was considered one of the biggest grinds in MMO’s. While leveling a character 1-60 certainly takes less time now than in the past, the 70-85+ grind is still a hefty chore for new and returning players.

Some Everquest purists (of which I consider myself) might say this is yet another compromise to the games core mechanics, dumbing it down to the point it loses even more of what made it unique in the first place.

I prefer not to dwell on what was, as that Everquest is gone; what remains however shares many of the same qualities and several new ones. If these changes result in more players returning to game, raiding and discovering the game anew again then they’re well well worth it.